Being born and raised in these Alpine Valleys and knowing our region like the back of our hands, we long to tell others all about the spectacular landscapes and help them to fully discover new parts of the Alps. This has been growing in our hearts for a while.


Because we were steeped in history and tradition, and through our personal work experiences in the field of Alpine tourism, mountain house architecture and Alpine rescue teams, we have come to consider the Alps as a territory with no frontiers.


The Alps are an area characterized by different languages, cultural, landscapes and history, but populated by communities who share the unique experience of living the mountain life deep in the heart of Europe.







Born and bred in Valchiavenna, in the heart of the Italian Alps, he inherited a deep respect for the Alpine way of life from his parents and acquired rich values from the experience of everyday life in The Alpine borderland between Italy and Switzerland.


Specialized in lighting design, Paolo worked for an acclaimed Italian lightning brand that frequently works within the Alpine hotel context.

He concluded this important experience in 2016 with an exceptional project to illuminate and enforce the beauty of the Acqua Fraggia waterfalls in Piuro, a natural monument in the Italian Alps.


From 2000, he has been part of the Italian Mountain Rescue team specializing in cartography, and search and rescue operations, for which he is also a national CORF instructor.


He loves trekking, freestyle skiing and photography. He is working on a number of mountain house restoration projects in the Alpine region, running and creating mountain holiday accommodation in Italy and abroad.


Passionate about web marketing and web design, the ExplorAlp Travel Blog website was his bright idea.


"Opening a window on the Alps with no frontiers, for the whole world"




Born and bred in Valchiavenna in the heart of the Italian Alps, has always and ever been passionate about the mountain, especially about rock climbing, bouldering and mountain biking.


Thanks to his tourism studies he has worked and lived in numerous European countries, including Britain, Germany, France and Switzerland.


He is specialized in luxury hotel service, astute in his dealings with diverse cultures and situations. He has been an active member of the world concierges association of luxury hotels ”Les Clefs d’Or” for over 10 years, he is based mainly in Switzerland in Ascona and St. Moritz.


He loves travelling, bouldering, mountain biking, photography and wholesome mountain cooking. He is fluent in four languages.


Co-founder of ExplorAlp, he actively contributes to web editing and content, he also deals with public relations meeting companies and organizations in the tourism sector.




Born and raised in Valchiavenna, in the heart of Italian Alps and has long been a mountain enthusiast, especially of skiing, free ride and freestyle skiing.


Thanks to his degree in economics attained at Milan. He works in the field of finance for some of the most prominent banks in Italy and abroad.


The calling to his mountains brought him back home where alongside his own new activity, he is able to totally enjoy the snow, freeriding, his mountain bike and his Alpine valleys.


Since 2001, he has been a part of the Italian Mountain Rescue, where he specializes in Canyoning and has joined in numerous rescues.


Co-founder of ExplorAlp, he actively contributes to its editing, contents and financial- economic analysis.


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